ESSX POWER-X Vaulting Pole

Feel the Power of ESSX!

The ESSX POWER-X is a new product from the THINK TANK of the UST-ESSX staff! Our foundational vaulting pole designed specifically to provide the best possible balance between value and performance.  In addition to it’s attractive price tag, the ESSX Power-X is a fully engineered pole that carries the same high level of quality and performance you’ve come to expect from the ESSX brand. The ESSX POWER X is a world class vaulting pole, that gives vaulters at every level the confidence to perform at their best.  Scientific design make the pole easy to bend. Key feature include:


Unrivaled Construction

The ESSX POWER-X Vaulting Pole is engineered to world class standards to offers strength and durability that athletes demand. No twisters this pole only bends toward the soft-side fully marked for you by the POWER X label.


Higher Vaults Every Time

Engineered “GRIPOLOGY” that takes advantage of your high plant to roll over no matter where you hold in the grip area even 12″ down! Designed with a great carry weight and balance to help complete the plant action!


Biggest Bang for the Buck!

An affordable fiberglass vaulting pole that is designed to be oval with stronger sides to give you more snap on top than normal!

Sizes & Pricing

The following table reflects our “IN-STOCK” pole selection with associated model numbers (i.e.- EX35046X) and the current prices:

Length Price Weight Quantity  



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ESSX Accessories & Equipment

Length Price Weight Quantity  

Flame Pole Tip


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Don’t see the pole you need?

These size poles are the ones we keep In-Stock, ready to ship out directly to vaulters around the world. Other sizes in the ESSX POWER-X range are made-to-order in all lengths from 9’ to 13’1” in 5 lbs increments. So if you need a special size, just give us a call for availability and pricing (Toll Free 1-877-367-3779). All made-to-order poles carry a $5 surcharge. Special orders by flex numbers available for a $50.00 extra charge. As always, every ESSX Vaulting Pole is designed and tested to be superior in overall consistency, quality and performance.

The Fine Print

In-Stock Availability: From time to time our supply of In-Stock poles may fluctuate, which could result in us not having the pole you need on-hand. We are able to make a pole within 2-3 days of back-log production. Give us the order and we will do our best to fill your time needs!

Freight Notice: Most USA points $170 3-5 day delivery! All shipments originate from Fort Worth Texas  USA.