The ESSX Difference

Not all vaulting poles are created equal, and world class ESSX Vaulting Poles are unique from grip to tip. The secret is surprisingly found in a stiffer pole concept that reduces “low pole action” in the box area while creating excellent “pole rolling over” characteristics in the upper areas of the pole. This results in a higher grip, better form and increased heights! ESSX Vaulting Poles stand out amongst the crowd in four categories: Consistency, Quality, Confidence and Performance… Here’s why.

We employ an embedded label on our poles showing the length of the pole, so you have the confidence the pole is the length we made originally and has not been cut down from a longer pole to just fill your order like other pole makers do. We also embed a serial number so we can track the pole and you can track your pole at meets and in the use of pole rental. We also put a carbon reinforcement on the pole so you have the confidence it is a genuine ESSX as we are the only manufacturer who uses carbon to lighten up the carry weight
of the pole in the butt area! You may find our pole slightly oval on the outside to control the bend and create an easier initial bending than other vaulting poles that are perfectly round!

You must experience an ESSX to Feel the Difference!


The ESSX Vaulting Pole System delivers a consistent “FIT and FEEL” that is unequaled by other pole manufacturers. Using precisely engineered design solutions derived from finite element analysis, along with continual checks and crosschecks throughout the manufacturing process, the XLogic Sports Staff has established production standards that provide the same timing, feel, and performance throughout with each and every size pole. This means that every pole in the ESSX range, whether ESSX Classic, Carbon Classic or Encore Elite, performs with the same consistent pole speed and action that vaulters expect.

A major factor in this consistency comes from XLogic’s proprietary True Rolling lamination system which eliminates the possibility of twisted fibers during the manufacturing process. This critical step employs full-length top and bottom rollers to keep the fibers of the glass and carbon in-line, producing uniform strength and feel at every increment of construction, thus avoiding fiber alignment problems common to fixed rod, ironing-systems used by other pole manufacturers.


The XLOGIC SPORTS STAFF understands how water and air pressure combine to create moisture pockets that can penetrate in-between the layers of the glass during the manufacturing process; a flaw that can ultimately result in pole delamination and subsequent breakage during the vault. In recognition of this, we have designed a heat treatment system that addresses this issue with a highly-controlled laminate process resulting in superior QUALITY in the end product.

QUALITY is further enhanced by our computerized Fusion Oven System that was tailor made for producing the ESSX Vaulting Poles. This uniquely designed system controls the flow of fluid and air pressure automatically, to provide consistency and quality during the Fusion-Flow-Curing (FFC) process. Computer timers and software programs are set to regulate and perfectly adjust the temperature, baffling of air and the balance the pressure that poles need for consistent output QUALITY.

The result… a vaulting pole with quality you can trust. Pole Vaulters and Coaches using the ESSX VAULTING POLE SYSTEM never have to guess “What size did I really get?” ordering or worry about the threat of de-lamination during a critical competition. Our precise engineering allows us to deliver an accurate and finely tuned pole in 2.2 lb. or 4.4 lb. increments making the systems used by other brands obsolete when compared to innovative capabilities available with ESSX Poles.


Experience is a great teacher, and the XLOGIC SPORTS STAFF brings over thirty years of know-how to the design and construction of vaulting poles. This lifetime of commitment to quality manufacturing enables our team to produce a vaulting pole that is different in every regard from the products offered by any other pole maker. At Xlogic, every part of the pole, from grip to tip, is subjected to rigorous engineering and performance standards during every phase of design and manufacturing.

To further support the athlete’s Confidence, all ESSX Vaulting Poles are packed and shipped with extreme care. Additionally, we provide metric equivalent markings in the actual pounds to meet NFHS specifications, and include a flex number and pattern serial number references to assist the pole-vaulter in evaluating their additional product needs.

Vaulters and Coaches are invited to inspect the manufacturing facility and determine for themselves the commitment to high performance, quality, and workmanship that XLOGIC SPORTS STAFF has made to the production of the poles.

We know the secret that allows a vaulter to run faster, bend stiffer poles and jump higher… CONFIDENCE! The ESSX Vaulting Pole System provides this critical component to the vaulters arsenal over their entire career without any interruption in style, technique, or timing.


The XLOGIC SPORTS STAFF understands something the others may not, “A proper double pendulum vaulting action creates a smooth parabolic path of the center of gravity throughout the vault to allow the jumper to pass over the bar”. (Not just to the bar but with more penetration into the pit area and over the bar)

Because of this, we use a construction method that increases PERFORMANCE by eliminating the possibility of twisted fibers in the rolling process while providing careful alignment of the mathematically calculated position of the soft side of the pole with the curve in the oven chamber before the pole is cured. The XLOGIC SPORTS STAFF does not test the pole for functional upward power to see how high it can throw you straight up in the air, and the pole is not designed for surges of power for different stages throughout the vault. That is not how proper pole vaulting is performed. The ESSX pole allows “timing with the pole” for better blending of each of the two pendulum actions for higher push-offs to clear higher bars.

All ESSX Vaulting Poles roll over at the top with any technique while removing low bend into the pit around the box; both a plus for vaulters to jump higher. The ESSX design provides consistent “FIT and FEEL” which allows the athlete to move up onto stiffer or longer poles as well as into the CARBON ESSX sizes, while maintaining the athlete’s crucial technique and timing with the pole. The CARBON ESSX can bend like a spring and still maintain timing and lightness required by today’s approach speeds. The distinctive characteristics of ESSX Vaulting Poles allows a properly trained pole-vaulter to use the pole to their advantage by eliminating the jarring effect at take-off, thereby producing a much smoother plant, which translates into a more powerful swing and ultimately higher vault Performance.

Finally… a word on Carbon Fiber. While the need for the lightest pole is essential, one must understand the stiffness that carbon fiber adds to a pole. Sometimes carbon fiber is used in place of fiberglass to remove a few ounces of weight from the pole. Unfortunately, this can compromise vaulter safety and undermine the confidence level that is critical to athletic Performance. Thus, carbon fiber may not always be the right material for a pole, especially those of smaller lengths. Fortunately, XLogic engineers have discovered how to make lighter, stronger and more responsive poles that function better than our competition’s top of the line carbon poles. ESSX Vaulting Poles balance the use of carbon fiber with other types of glass to maintain safety and flexibility, while ensuring optimun performance for the athlete and reducing the overall cost to pole owners.

Ultimately, in pole vaulting, PERFORMANCE is the name of the game. The lift provided by an ESSX Vaulting Pole at take-off is a testament of the XLOGIC SPORT STAFF commitment to PERFORMANCE that is unrivaled by other vaulting pole brands. The ESSX VAULTING POLE has a unique “FIT and FEEL ” different from any other pole on the market today that many vaulters agree gives the best possible ride up and over the bar!