World Class Vaulting Poles

Feel the Power of ESSX!

World class ESSX Vaulting Poles are in a league of their own with a unique design unlike any other vaulting pole on planet resulting in a higher grip, better form and increased heights! Our poles have been used to set many personal records across the nation as well as internationally by both male and female vaulters.  Elite elite vaulter Tye Harvey uses an ESSX to go 19’+… ESSX has even seen success in the Olympic Games where it was the pole of choice for the Women’s Silver and Bronze Medalist from Team USA at the Athens Olympics!

The ESSX Range


Quality, Performance, Value

The ESSX POWER-X is our foundational vaulting pole designed specifically to provide the best posible balance between value and performance.  The ESSX POWER-X is a fully engineered pole that carries the same high level of quality and performance you’ve come to expect from the ESSX brand. Learn More »


Advanced T-700 Carbon Design

The ESSX  CARBON POWER combines all of the strengths and benefits of our ESSX POWER CLASSIC  Vaulting Pole, with the latest advancements in carbon fiber technology to produce to strongest, lightest, most responsive and best performing carbon vaulting pole available. Learn More »


When You Demand the Best

The ESSX POWER-FORCE ADVANCE Vaulting Pole is our premier carbon pole, and represents the culmination of 30 years of experience in the industry incorporating all of ESSX innovative technological advancements into a single pole. Learn More »


World class ESSX Vaulting Poles are unique from grip to tip. The secret is surprisingly found in a stiffer pole concept that reduces “low pole action” in the box area while creating excellent “pole rolling over” characteristics in the upper areas of the pole. This results in a higher grip, better form and increased heights! ESSX Vaulting Poles stand out amongst the crowd in four categories: Consistency, Quality, Confidence and Performance… Learn More »


Custom vaulting poles in the ESSX POWER CLASSIC, ESSX CARBON POWER and ESSX POWER-FORCE ADVANCE series are made-to-order in all lengths from 9’ to 17’6” in 2.2lbs increments. So if you need a special size, just give us a call for availability and pricing (Toll Free 1-877-367-3779). All made-to-order poles carry a $5 surcharge. Special orders by flex numbers available for a $25.00 extra charge. As always, every ESSX Vaulting Pole is designed and tested to be superior in overall consistency, quality and performance.